Same or higher capacity replacement battery as original for customer normal usage

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II. Feature :

A. Five stages charge advantages

. Two pre-charge stages to protect battery pack, enables longer operating life.

‚. CC-CV stages converting traditional charge method, realize a high efficiency state of charge.

ƒ. Terminal stage aim to ensure battery pack full charged, automatic cut-off when termination current (0.85A) or time (18minutes) has been reached.

B. Battery cell balance DIY function, user can set the timer during constant voltage (CV) stage to balance cell to reach to high consistency performance.

C. DIY setting charge voltage, current and timer according to user's battery pack.(not beyond its Rate Power )

D. Aluminium housing as itself heat sink, enhance self heat emission.

E. Unique digital meter display, indicating state of charging.

III. Caution :

A. LFP Series Charger was designed for charging Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFEPO4) battery pack only.

B. Not to recharging no-rechargeable batteries.

C. The battery charger must only be plugged into an earth socket-outlet, always place the charger in well ventilated and dry environment.

D. The battery Charger was designed by aluminum housing as itself heat sink,avoid touching the case for safty purpose because the temperature is about 50 ℃ on the case when charging. 

IV. LFP Series Charger :